PayPal Sucks.. Be careful, new Policies

Be aware PayPal has changed it's refund policy. In the past if one needed to issue a refund to a buyer for whatever reason PayPal would also refund their Fee.. No Longer. PayPal keeps the FEE, regardless of the reason for refund.

I ran into a situation recently where I decided after being paid that I simply didn't feel comfortable with the buyer and in consultation with Audiogon Support we decided it was best to refund the buyer. I had a zero balance in my PayPal account before the transaction ( I don't typically just leave money there) the Transaction for sake of discussion was $1000.00 the PayPal fee was $30.00 .. Well when I went to refund the buyer since PayPal keeps the fee I was short. So PayPal instead of say putting the $30. on my PayPal credit card reaches in to my Checking Account and takes the whole $1000.00 out! This threw all kinds of stuff out of wack. PayPal did refund me their fee, but at that point it was to last. I had to move money around so buyer will get his correct refund, but damn what a PITA. 

Just a heads up. 
Paypal doesnt always side with the buyer. They ruled in my favor as a seller serveral times. If you ship something, especially to a foreign country and dont use a method that can prove delivery you can have problems.
Axeis1, Just a quick note to say thank you.  Rules around purchases and PayPal are changing all the time and it's great that you took the time to share your recent experience.  There was a period recently on Agon where we couldn't use PayPal to receive funds unless we authorized the transaction through a business EIN (looks like that is gone now?).  I don't know how many people will see your post, but I wish more people would share what they've been through on transactions to give others a heads up.  Sounds like it was a nightmare.  Sorry to hear you went through that!
People love to pay 4% with crappy service.Its great!!