Paypal issues through Audiogon

For the second time recently, I purchased an item on Audiogon. When I try to complete the transaction thru Paypal I keep getting the following message "this transaction cannot be completed please return to the participating website & try again". The last time this happened, I requested that the seller send me a money request via Paypal which he did. I no sooner paid his $1,350 request and Papal took an additional $1,350 from my bank account . It took me approximately 5 business days before they reimbursed my account . Has anyone else encountered this issue.? I would like to pay the seller of the record I purchased today but if I pay via his mailed payment request I think there is a chance the double payment issue may happen again.
I have had Audiogon-PayPal issues with my most recent two buying transactions and I have alerted Audiogon but I do not believe it is resolved.  In my case, when I go through the transaction process on the Audiogon website it does not allow me to use my PayPal credit card as a funding source.  Audiogon is the only PayPal vendor I use that this happens with.  I am able to easily pay the seller through PayPal but only if I go outside of Audiogon to do so. Fortunately, I have not had the experience you have - where your PayPal account is charged twice.
Call PayPal customer service and a rep will resolve it for you.
Same as above in a recent sale, but the buyer had the problem. 
Thanks for the responses . I did as advised and called Papal twice after they hung up on me the first time. They said the payment wasn’t flagged by their security system.They claimed it was my bank refusing to make the payment and to try a credit card . When I said that I already tried that they  responded that the credit card company also refused to make payment !
I said that is horefeathers as neither would deny a $109 payment especially since PayPal is backed up by a credit card if the bank won’t make payment. 
I finally requested that the seller send me a money request via Papal. The same bank that supposedly refused to fund my prior request did so immediately.
My concerns with this are twofold: 
1) I like to pay for purchased items immediately.
2) I am thinking of making a much larger purchase which I have sufficient funds to cover but not if they charge me twice like they did the first time this happened and then it would revert to a credit card.

I've had a few sales through audiogon recently and the PayPal link has been fine Afrikaans (no complaints from buyers), but the shipping has not worked at all. I had to use paypal's and fedex's sites for the shipping.  I wasted a lot of time with audiogon's check out system  . . . Which could and should be very convenient but it doesn't work.
 I’ve had a different issue of compatibility between audiogon and PayPal for over the past year and a half + now. My PayPal account is verified yet on Agon they say it is unverified  so I cannot offer payment via PayPal for any listings here. I’ve dealt with Agon customer service back then for many many emails, insisting that the problem is not on their end and it’s in my PayPal account. Ive talked to PayPal and they see no issues and have my account as verified and it shows me that on their website and when I call. I also have no PayPal issues with any other website. 
I had not used Audiogon for YEARS to buy or sell anything. So all my info needed to be updated, And I did so before buying this August, a $4K peamp, here. The sale went through Paypal, (which I also rarely use except to buy from eBay, typically for less than $200 a pop...) not a hitch. Though PayPal robocaller called me several times asking if it was genuine or fraud.
What was your answer?🤡
Recently, PayPal wouldn't let me use the credit card I have on file and use elsewhere with PP.  Only my bank balance, which was insufficient for the transaction.  Adding the credit card didn't work.

Called the seller, and we did it over the phone with my CC.  The unit is here and functioning, but now I have an item that I have "committed to buy" in my Audiogon cart that I can't delete.

Emailed Audiogon for proper resolution.  It shouldn't be this hard.
The audiogon checkout system seems to be giving some folks here grief by the sounds of it.
Now I am probably going to jinx myself here but every sales and purchase transaction I have made here always using the Agon checkout has gone perfectly.
Including using PayPal on some over $3k transactions.
And even using the Agon shipping services no hiccups.
I have both my PayPal and my direct bank card linked to my account and mix em up as to which I use but still never an issue.
Not sure what may be different on others accounts or is it just bad luck?
I have been buying/selling here since 1999 and recently (the past year?) have experienced the same issue as @bbarlow690  (i.e., cannot link sale to PP credit card) when I try and use PayPal.  I use PayPal for many other purchases outside of Audiogon and have never had this problem anywhere else.  The Audiogon team indicated to me that several other members have this issue but we haven't been able to fix it yet.  I don't buy much anymore so I am not too worried about it but if somebody else figures out how to fix it, please post your resolution.
BTW, Audiogon has resolved my issue quickly and well.

Thanks, Audiogon!
I use to buy/sell on Audiogon years ago but much has changed. For one, it irritates me that they don't allow you to accept payment except through Paypal -- not by cashier check which they use to. Okay but the major issue, when I try to set up Paypal method, it tells me they return error that Paypal cannot verify me, although I did get everything set up and linked to my bank in Paypal. So now (since they don't seem to have a phone # ) I have submitted a problem report to them. 
  If they don't resolve this in a timely manner I guess I'll have to do my selling through Ebay.
U.S. Audio Mart is admitting they have a problem with Paypal. When buyers send Paypal through the USAM system, the Paypal payment is made, then almost immediately cancelled. USAM is suggesting sellers have their buyers send payment directly from the buyers Paypal account to the sellers, rather than going through the USAM system. Payments made thusly are NOT cancelled.