PayPal international protection

Is PayPal protection good on international purchases? An example would be an international seller listing and thus selling a fake pair of cables to a US buyer. Would the buyer be protected by PayPal? 
PayPal tends to favor the buyer in most cases but I wouldn’t count on them blindly. Your best protection against fraud comes from your credit card issuer.

I’ve had first hand experience with PayPal (as a buyer and seller) in a dispute that didn’t go very well. Whereas my credit card backed me up each time and got my money back.
If buyer raises an issue money are blocked till case is closed between seller and buyer.
Kind of protection.
If you are buying cables from a non-authorized dealer overseas, you can count on them being fake copies. 
I've never had a buying  problem that Paypal  didn't cover. They did better than the card for me.
PayPal usually protect the buyer but for those purposely buying fake cable s to have PayPal refund their money will likely lose.  The cables sold overseas from non-authorized dealers are absolute fakes.  Not “out the back door” cables. Simply fake.  Reasonably constructed fakes but fakes non the less.  
Unrelated to protection, when you use PayPal for international purchases they charge you a currency conversion fee. I believe that fee is somewhere around 4.5%. 

So factor that in your budget.