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Well written article for all you buyer's who assumed you were somehow "protected" paying with PayPal. Pal to the seller (only). Reinforces the need to carefully read (and understand) all user agreements.
FYI for computer novices: You can highlight the link above with your mouse left button (do not lift pointer); then while still on the highlighted link click right button and choose "copy"; then in a new browser window where you type in web addess, right mouse click again and choose "paste" and there is the whole address link. Saves a lot of typing and typos.
Sugarbrie, I do what you are describing, but do it with only one click. How is this possible? Hint, mine is not a Windows machine, and it spell checks all my posts automatically, so none of you know how bad my spelling actually is.
Albert,you and cornfedboy must both have the checkers.I think you two are the only ones with a perfect spellng score!! see ewe!
It will take a moment longer, but you can compose your posts in a word processor, spell check, copy, and then paste it hear if you want to minimize errors. Of course, it won't catch mistakes like using hear for here.

You may notice the date on this article (By Bob Sullivan, MSNBC
July 20, 2000 4:43 PM ET ).

We have made several changes to our service, one of which is the Buyer Protection Program. Please feel free to review the terms on the web site.