Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!

So I have a deal set up for a new to me pre here on Audiogon. The issue is the seller only wants to excepts a certified bank check. I have never paid this way before and I am a bit nervous. He says all the right things almost to much honestly. He does on the other hand have fifty some positive reviews and I talked to him on the phone as well. Which is when I got a bit more suspicious after he offered me a deal on a disk player at below half market value. He seems genuinely nice but I’m sure the best scammers do. Is there any way to get extra insurance that everything is legit? And would you guys be ok with it being he has 50 positive reviews over nearly 20 year span?  Looking forward to people thought. And thanks. 
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I'm amazed how many people here are so quick to accuse the seller, with 18 years of positive feedback on Agon, to be a scammer. 

OP, have you just tried calling and speaking with the seller?  Maybe do a facetime call where the seller can demo the unit for you on the call?

Use the Escrow company and they should be able to accept a USPS money order. 

Or perhaps you have a friend or relative that lives nearby the seller that could pick up the item and ship it to you.  (??)
My advise would be if the OP doesn't feel comfortable with any transaction, just move on.  That's not to say the seller is automatically a scammer, either. 
The point is moot now as the preamp has been sold. Either the OP bought it or someone else did.
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I have dealt with a few old school folks who only wanted a check. I used to sell watches and I only accepted wire transfers. Life is a risk.

PS I should read the responses before posting as I see it has been sold.
Going in the other direction, it's unwise to take a cashier's check and ship merchandise immediately.  There are fakes out there, and your bank has no liability.  One of the members of another forum I frequent took a cashier's check for a musical instrument that bounced several weeks later.  No recourse.  I received a fake B of A check that was incredibly well done - even impressed the folks at my local B of A.  I haven't seen one, but apparently there are counterfeit postal money orders as well.  Forewarned is forearmed!