Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!

So I have a deal set up for a new to me pre here on Audiogon. The issue is the seller only wants to excepts a certified bank check. I have never paid this way before and I am a bit nervous. He says all the right things almost to much honestly. He does on the other hand have fifty some positive reviews and I talked to him on the phone as well. Which is when I got a bit more suspicious after he offered me a deal on a disk player at below half market value. He seems genuinely nice but I’m sure the best scammers do. Is there any way to get extra insurance that everything is legit? And would you guys be ok with it being he has 50 positive reviews over nearly 20 year span?  Looking forward to people thought. And thanks. 
Nearly $2 billion in consumer fraud per year in the US.

I sold a McIntosh amp to a guy by cashiers check more than 15 years ago. Today I marvel at the risk that guy took and how his nerves must have been waiting on it. He just sent that check out into the ether. I would never take that risk, personally. There is way too much used audio gear to be had to screw around with anything less than the safest methods. 
I followed the link in tvad's post.  The seller says this "Certified bank check only. Pick up cash only and save shipping costs from Lambertville, MI. Will also meet up to 50 miles for a safe transfer."  (I don't see anything about but perhaps tvad saw more than I do.)  When you agreed to the sale I think you agreed to the terms.  If you are uncomfortable with the terms now the first thing you should do is ask Audiogon: What will Audiogon do if you back out?  What will Audiogon do if the item never appears or doesn't work properly? 

I would _never_ buy an item online with a cashier's check. The service PayPal provides is not just transferring money; it is providing some insurance to the buyer: if the item never arrives the buyer can file a claim with PayPal.  The seller may think PalPal is a nuisance - because it is a nuisance for the buyer - but it is not a nuisance for the seller.

BTW: A cashier' check and a certified check are not quite the same thing.  For a cashier's check you give the bank the money and they write a check from _their_ account.  Fora certified check, you write a check on your account and the bank sequesters the amount from your account but doesn't take it out until the check is cashed.  
I see it a bit differently. Using Pay Pal or credit card provides almost no protection to the seller as the buyer can state any reason and Pay Pal or Credit card will side with him. So I routinely buy and sell big ticket ($5000 to $50,000) items via Bank wire transfer (which is as cash except if you prove fraud). and I save Pay Pal transactions as a seller to where I can afford the loss, such as under $2,000 with people with great feedback history. When I am the buyer via bank wire transfer I deal only with major companies or buyers with impeccable current feedback. And I always talk to the person and have a good feel either as buyer or seller before transacting.
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Never ever never ever NEVER pay anyone for equipment new or used with a check or money order of any type...EVER. You as the buyer have no protection this way. Always use a payment method that uses a credit card so if the transaction goes south you can dispute the charge. So either use PayPal goods and services or PayPal f/f and use your credit card to pay so you have their protection.  It doesn’t matter what the seller says. Asking for check is a huge red flag. If they persist and won’t do PayPal, run away fast and report them to Audiogon or which ever platform this is pertaining to.