Pay Pal Protection?

Sorry I am new here so I don't know where to ask this. My question is if I pay for a product here though pay pal to a private seller and I send the $ but do not receive the product from the seller (fraud/scam whatever it might be) am I protected in any way for a full refund of the money I sent? Sorry if this has been asked before. I am just trying to protect myself in a loss.
You need to direct all questions to paypal.

You should be covered by their policies. Audiogon is not the one who will issue the refund. Read their policies as well.

Read the information that Paypal posts on their site. Also note there is a resolution process both parties go through. See the menu on the right side of the page as you scroll down.
You should be covered but if paypal can't or won't help and you processed the payment with a credit card, the card companies can be really helpful.

Also, if you ever need to return an item that you used paypal to pay for, ALWAYS use a credit card as the funding source and NEVER send the item back before you file a claim with Paypal. It may seem adversarial but unfortunately it's the only way they will stand behind you if the person on the other end tries something funny. I just went through this with a pair if ICs and luckily I used my cc as the funding source so the cc company took over the claim when paypal told me I was out of luck.

Good luck.
I purchased some records from an Audiogon member several years ago, using PayPal, but never received them. I thought PayPal would protect me, but their response was "there are no funds in the sellers PayPal account so we are so sorry ...." If it's not eBay I wouldn't assume PayPal will cover it. Sadly, there is no way to be 100% safe.
I do not trust paypal and never register any of my personal or business accounts. I use prepaid debit cards instead.
Never use Paypal! I had a friend who sold a gold coin on eBay. Paypal holds the money so he was paid some time after the buyer had paid. When he could, he took the money out of his account. Soon after, he received a complaint that the buyer had not received the coin, but he sent it such a way that he knew the coin had arrived, and been signed for. Paypal insisted he return the payment, despite his evidence that it had arrived safely. If the money had still been in the account, Paypal would have just taken it! My eBay and Paypal accounts were hacked, the best thing that ever happened to me...I got over the bidding madness. I have found many Paypal users will also accept credit cards. Also, I have been screwed by buying from strangers online, but most people are honest and reasonable.
Thank-you everyone who has responded to my post. This was all good info to know and thank you for sharing your experiences.
Use Paypal with the Credit card only! Don't ever use your bank account or debit card or echeck to pay through paypal because paypal won't protect you 100% and chances of funds recovery by PayPal are slim if something gone wrong with your purchase.

You can't expect paypal to protect you if you use don't use a credit card to fund the payment.

In this day of digital age, no one should really send a Check or Money Order to a complete stranger and only uses PayPal with credit card for purchase protection.
Cash on pickup is the way to go. I've used PayPal as both a seller and buyer. Typically payments do not become available to sellers for 30 days, including banking clearance. PayPal takes their fees on the day the buyer pays, talk about self interest.
Paypal is the worst!!!!!!
If you use your credit card--their fraud protection is usually excellent--you don't have to deal with PayPal's useless policies.
I've used it several times, on and off ebay. Its excellent.
Definitely pay with credit card if you use Paypal, and don't use Paypal credit. You should be okay if the seller is fraudulent and doesn't send an item, if Paypal doesn't come through, your credit card will.

Be aware , there are a lot of fraudulent sellers on Audiogon now, new zero feedback sellers who post too-good-to-be-true items at a low price. Paypal only, of course.