Paul Motian RIP

Just saw this on another forum
Very sad.
Great body of work. I'm going to play Rarum on ECM. A compilation he put together of his favorite work done on the label.
One of the greats for sure
He will be missed.
Had a good long run ...around 35 records as a leader and maybe more as a big contributor. Unlike most it seemed like he never wussed out artistically. Definitely could provide a buzz on par w/ Max Roach, Ed Blackwell and Dannie Richmond.
I never fully appreciated how good a player he really was until I (recently!) "discovered" Tethered Moon. He really shines in this ensemble.
I'm like Edorr: I discovered Paul Motian a few years ago when I received a gift of his "I Have the Room Above Her". I had heard him on Bill Evans' Village Vanguard recordings but never paid much attention to his playing. "I Have the Room Above Her" opened my ears, so to speak, and I went back and listened to much more of his music. Really an artist on the drums.
I have about a dozen of his albums as a leader, most of which he made in his 60s and 70s - with much younger players. Did you know Paul played at Woodstock backing up Arlo Gurthie?
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