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Not really a fan of his solo work, but heard some buzz about his newest album and gave it a listen when it was realeased a few days ago and am immersed. Not to the point of being a fanboi but definitely appreciative and happy listening both as a music lover and an audiophile (and yes, there is a difference).

Good songwriting and production from a genre god who does this for the love of it.

Like he told Sunday Morning it's easier doing it all hisself rather than telling others what to do and saying no to suggestions.
I decided to listen to the album over the weekend.  Had to stop by the 4th track.  I just thought it was terribly weak and uncompelling.  It's amazing that the same person who created such works of genius years ago could possibly be ok with releasing something like this.  Hey...just my opinion, I'm glad others enjoy it.
Thumbs down...

Ran thru it on the streamer, enjoyable 
I liked it a lot. Not really what I would have expected from Sir Paul, which may be why I enjoyed it so much.  It sounded like he's still pushing boundaries and exploring, not pushing out "product".
Try listening to his symphonic piece, "Oceans's Kingdom". I discovered it last year and have to say I enjoy it.
DR 7 average, ranging from DR4 to DR 9.  Pitiful.  As is his voice.  Age has taken its toll.
The snippets I heard on Sunday morning interested me somewhat so I'll probably give it a listen, but nothing since his Wings days really keep my interest for long.  Maybe it's my internal fuddy-duddy showing.  The Beatles and Wings era is kinda locked in amber in my mind.  I listen to the Beatles stuff when I get in the mood (or get a new piece of equipment to see how much better it sounds), but now I spend only a small amount of time on it.  And God, I hate his Christmas song so much.
I saw him about 2-3 years ago at MSG, was outstanding, great voice then, hard to imagine he has lost that in such a short time.  I just got the CD, will listen.  
Will always give Sir Paul a shot but yes his voice ain’t what it used to be of late.
I saw him live at FedEx Field with seats in the sweet spot a few years back. He had a good night vocally that night. But some bootlegs I’ve heard from other shows in that tour like at Coachella were more spotty.

We do have a local McCartney tribute band, “The Paul McCartney Experience” that does a great job. 
@sd40   What exactly is the DR range?
Lowest track is DR4, highest DR9
I'll ask again: What exactly is the DR range?
DR is dynamic range. If those numbers are accurate, there is a lot of compression going on in that recording.
Everyone respects him so much from the Beatles days, and I completely understand that; but now it's like the king's new clothes. Nobody wants to say that his music is really weak. 
I've been there since the beginning of the Beatles, and I have no problem whatsoever with an artist exploring new sounds and changing styles; but to me, even the best of the Wings era was sort of silly and childish. Even the lyrics were embarrassing. But like I said, in the name of his past accomplishments, a lot of people feel bad about admitting that. 
@roxy54   You apparently missed my post 2nd from the top. lol
All the McCartney judges out there let me know how many worldwide classic rock songs you've written, recorded and had on the charts? Music is subjective always, but he is admittedly the greatest living musical artist of modern times. At 78, the man never sits still. Some of us will never get to see 78 yrs., let alone have the No.1 album on the charts.
I gave it a whirl on Spotify yesterday. It didn’t grab me. I probably expect too much.
jehowlind said:
"Music is subjective always, but he is admittedly the greatest living musical artist of modern times."  

Admittedly? I think you misused that word, but I'll assume that you mean that everyone agrees that he's the greatest, in which case I think many if not most will disagree; myself among them. 
Anyway, past acheivments have nothing to do with his latest work. Like one of my old bosses used to say, "Yesterday's peacock is tomorrow's feather duster."
Well , after 20,000 jazz , classical and opera artists he may well be .
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