Paul Hynes power supply?

I have been shopping for a 4 rail power supply. Every review I have read says the paul hynes is the best. Paul has quoted me for a 4 rail sr7, 4 silver dc leads, shipping, insurance and paypal fees a little over $2100. This is a big investment, about two and a half times more than an hdplex. Anyone have experience with power supplies, and tell me if the paul hynes is worth it?
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I have a four-rail SR7 that powers several components including a Rubidium master clock, a clock frequency divider, two SOtM EN-to-USB endpoints, and a Merlin BBAM. The SR7 replaced an array of highly filtered, low-impedance SLA batteries. The SR7 is the most strategically important choice in my system. You won’t be disappointed, provided that you can be patient with Paul’s long and sometimes shifting lead times.

Consider his double regulation option for at least one rail.

Okay, thank you for the advice. I just found out from the paypal invoice he sent that the unit with 4 silver leads is over $2500! I tell you, it better be fantastic for that price! I am just wondering, the hdplex 4 rail is about $795....this is a hard choice for me
If you can solder, make your own silver DC umbilicals for much less.
Paul Hynes is very good engineer, and whilst I haven't got this product of his - I am pretty certain it will be worth every penny.
Paul makes very good power supplies, you should also look at Twisted Pear's ones

Cheers George
I need a 4 rail power supply George
I need a 4 rail power supply George
If you don’t need big current and it’s for source equipment, get two and you and save a fortune if you can solder and get the kit form, or ready made and still much cheaper than $2100

(not to take anything away from Paul he makes very good stuff as well)

Cheers George
Expect at least an eight month wait.
The Paul hynes supplies are considered the rolls royce of power supplies from what I read. Can't find any reviews on the twisted pear power supplies. How good are they? Say, compared to an hdplex?
In addition to the SR7 I have several Twisted Pear current-shunt regulators to power a Twisted Pear Buffalo IISE DAC and a Lightspeed optical attenuator. The TP pieces sound good, but don’t offer the current capacity of the Hynes regulators. Moreover, Hynes uses a custom wound transformer, as compared to an off-the-shelf toroid for TP.
Sounds like nothing compares to the paul hynes power supply
Sounds like nothing compares to the paul hynes power supply

I won't say nothing, Twisted Pair are very good. You were the one that mentioned the "big" $2100 cost of Paul's alternative.

Cheers George
The HDPlex is a generic audio LPS. It supplies power and the ripple is low. Other than that, nothing special, it certainly shouldn't be held as a standard.

The Paul Hynes is made to get out of the way altogether. Low low impedance. Nothing beats it. Plenty of info on CA.
Info on CA? Sorry, I don't know what that is
Paul is not reliable
I lost my money 4500USD
he not delivered my order and not refund my money

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Wow, that is very concerning. I ordered an sr7 from Paul about 6 weeks ago. I hope I don't run into that problem! I sent an email on Sunday and repeated email today. Waiting to hear back from him on an update. It is frustrating having such a lack of communication

Hi guys

if you remember i told you paul is not trusted and he not refund my money after 6 month.

now Paul have sent me an email and he told me he will refund my money this week.


Good news to me and other who would like to order Paul hynes PSU.

i should say Paul is trusted and if you pay him he will refund your money .



I got my refund from PayPal. Love their guarantee