Paul Gonsalves Recommendations

Just reading the rear cover notes on my new Ben Webster LP and the author references Paul Gonsalves. I don't have any of his music and was wondering if you might offer some recommendations. I'm partial to the reissues from Acoustic Sounds, etc. so any of these with exceptional performances would be great. Thanks!
Try the Acoustic Sounds reissue of Salt & Pepper (part of the Impulse! 45rpm reissue series):
Paul Gonsalves was a featured player in Duke Ellington's 1950s bands. He is most famous for his solo at the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival. Check out "Ellington At Newport" and "Duke Ellington & His Orchestra Featuring Paul Gonsalves".
Another vote for Ellington at Newport. Paul Gonsalves plays one of the best sax solos in the history of recorded jazz music on the famous cut "Crescendo and Diminuendo In Blue." Absolutely amazing !