Patrick O'Hearn - Where did he go?

After a string of very involving & interesting albums, I've heard nothing of the guy for several years. Anybody know what he's doing? What releases are you aware of?
He played in Zappa's band as well, I had the pleasure of seeing Patrick play with Frank, don't remember which tour it was. I was fortunate enough to see FZ eight times, a true musical genius.
1953: mr. o'hearn released a cd in january of this year entitled "so flows the current." according to, this is his first release in four years. see:

Cornfedboy : Thanks for the link. It appears that I'm not the only one lamenting his absence.
I expected a little more from the new release maybe it will take a few more listens to sink in. I use his cd's as reference material. Check back to see if you can find Group 87 recordings. That's the first time I heard him and have been hooked since.