Patricia Barber "Verse" released and online

Her new album is out and we are spoiled with it being online at Bluenote for a limited time

Im also trying to see her in Montreal on Sept 21 ! hopefully not sold out

She did her very first show with the new material here ( Chicago ) last Monday night at a club called The Green Mill. I got off work early to go to the show but it was already packed before i could even leave the house. I really wish i could have seen the show. Funny thing is that she is a "local" act here and i've never seen her once :(

Haven't heard the disc yet, so anyone have any impressions of it yet ? From what i've read about it, this is supposed to be her first disc of all original tunes. Sean
She is awesome live - you really should go see her at The Mill sometime. Her new album is good too!
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Thanks for the information. I did not realize Barber had a new CD releasted!
You guys should go to and get on her e-mail list. Every couple of months, they drop me an update of her releases, touring schedule, etc. The messages are frequent enough to be useful, but not so frequent that they're spamming you.

I bought it last Tuesday when it was released. I've listened every day. It was good the first time through, but each time I experience something new. Not good for dancing or catchy tunes, but then again if it was I wouldn't have bought it.
I have every CD Patricia Barber has released and will probably buy this one too.

And maybe it is just me, but does anyone else think it has all gone straight downhill after "Split"?

I saw Patricia Barber live a few times in the late 80's at the tiny Gold Star Sardine Bar on North Lake Shore Drive and I thought she was amazing!!

Talented voice and hands (apparently why she chose the title of her first release "Split") and obsessively meticulous with her unique, haunting twist on jazzy standards.

But some of her own recent music seems a little eccentric at best and laughably pretentious at worst and I never seem to listen to any of it.

Call me an old fashioned stick in the mud, but I somehow would rather hear her blast out "Too Close for Comfort" with otherworldly precision than kick my feet up with a drink and listen to "Wood is a Pleasant Thing".

Well got my tickets for the Montreal Show on Saturday 21st Sept ..

should be good !

The new release "Verse" is exactly that. It sounds as if she grew tired of singing and decided to just narrarate.
Does she narrate "Wood is a Pleasant Thing"?

Doesn't anyone else think that Patricia Barber has gone off the deep end -- or is it just me?

And if you cab stand her later stuff and apparently "Verse", you must find a copy of Split.

Very good and good recording. Before a label got a hold of her or something....
I have now listened to this disk most every day for a couple weeks. I must say it grows on me, a lot of subtle musical treats to discover. I continue to enjoy her journey through her musical growth and still believe she is one of the very leading musicians today.

Cwlondon, I went back to Split and worked forward from there. I think Patricia has always been over the edge. Every disk is a focus on another aspect of her talent. If you watch her arrangements and cording, she has grown beyond most. She is indeed odd, but this is not new.

The one thing that really bothers me is her view of herself may be a bit warped. I believe she sees herself as an artist of unequaled accomplishment. She sees her poetry, her music and her yuppie standing as above the masses.

She may indeed have reason given the talent she has, but get a grip girl. I met her four years ago and spent some time talking to her, I can tell you she is nothing special as a personality.

Last thing, have you looked at wood lately? I just noticed how pleasant it is.
I have listened to this just once so far. My first impression was a 50's beat poetry reading with musical accompaniment. While there was some passion, she has more of a clinical approach and I doubt that it's accidental.
I'm a Patricia Barber fan and bought this without hearing it. I was disappointed because it is what it says it is..verse and as the earlier responder commented, reminds me of the beat poetry of the late 50s. I think she is at her best when she sings "The Beat goes on" and "Voodoo Woman." I feel that I can always count on a few of these on each cds and this justifies the purchase... I have to admit that I enjoy the instrumentals from her earlier cds that are strong on drums and I think the backup is as important with their tracts as are hers. She used different people this time. This one was not what I was looking for myself.