Patricia Barber Cafe Blue analog one step

Arrival time is November 30, 2020 really? My guest it will be move Dec 30, Jan 30, February 30, ... or maybe it won’t be release in this format at all.
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Impex should just be honest if they won’t be able to do it, so I can switch my order to Holy Cole box set..
I'm patiently waiting.

I've waited as long as 3 years at times.
Slaw I salute you, It’s hard to wait, if there is no update.The update is just the month with 30 on it...
I have been waiting for MoFi Ultra Disc One-Step release of Stevie Ray Vaughan - Couldn’t Stand The Weather :-)

And few more that are either Backordered or Awaiting Repress, 

Muddy Waters Folk Singer - AP
Norah Jones Come Away With Me - AP 
The Ray Brown Trio Soular Energy - AP
Dire Straits Brothers In Arms - MoFi
Bill Withers Bill Withers' Greatest Hits - MoFi
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Moanin' - Universal 
Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue - Universal 
The CD at least is IMHO her worst release?  It's sterile, crisp sounding, and the music kind of monotone.  The darling of ceramic driver speakers. 

Is this an album which did not translate well to digital?

Cafe Blue Unmastered is a reference file/cd.  Anything but sterile 
It was originally recorded digitally. So it should certainly translate well to a digital standard. 
In my system the SACd and the records did not sound sterile, it sounds very dynamic, why I want to get it on one step. Maybe they don’t have enough orders why they keep on extending expected arrival date?
That is one of the top 5 CDs I own in terms of being well recorded
and sounding excellent. Eric, sorry,  you whiffed here.
Cafe Blue is the digital audiophiles fantasy album, and yet, on a dessert island with only 1 choice I would take any of her other digital albums for music listening.
Every system won’t play music the same. So if this cafe blue did not connect, it’s very understandable.
BTW, my question was serious, does this album do better in vinyl??

I'm listening to Monday Night Live at the Green Mill in 24/96 and it's just a lot more fun for me to listen to.  Cafe Blue is a better album to show off speakers with for me.

Erik yes this is even better on vynil, that’s why Iam willing to collect this album. And pay $124.
Erik it comes with two album presss by RTI.
It’s showing on Acoustic sound shipping is NOV 30... will see.
Ok shipping move to December 2020
Finally it’s now in stock

Thanks for the update. I just placed my order today and chose FedEx shipping 😊
I pre-ordered mine through Music Direct. Their site says available December 18.
Anyone who ordered from acoustic sounds have you received your preorder cafe blue one step
Got mine an hour ago from Fedex, ordered 2 and they were literally on the truck since Friday morning. Fedex is trash. No's 651 and 652. Super quiet and slightly better than the Mofi 45rpm but I have a slightly noisy Mofi on the first side. I have to say though, I think Mofi does a little better on their one-step process but I'm happy with my purchase.
Odered from Elusive on the 11th btw.
Ordered several months ago from Music Direct and still did not received it...
Acoustic sounds and Music direct are not even shipping yet.Elusive disc does. 
Maybe impex ship usps   both music direct and acoustic sound . Iam expecting February 2021 to receive mine.