patricia barber

i listen to them this past sat.night at duke university, they are sweeett......if you ever get the opportunity,,,DO IT.... no overload , no pretense, i almost fell asleep twice, but i couldn't i was so excited.......the best jazz i have heard live n a long time, just wanted you to know and braggg alitttle.....dwhitt
.i wish i would have known they she / they were there i would have loved to have heard her / them..her sacds are great..i only live about 1 hr did you know about her being there? i am an alumnus but did not see anything in our magazine about it..
One of the acts I hope to see in the near future.
a friend email me, dukeedu website click on calender....i hope this helps, i am not very good with the computer.....if not, i guess google duke university events....i was so excited, i had front row seats with four of my buddies who all like her music,her band , ofcourse are just outstanding, such individualism in their playing, yet united as a group...just outstanding.....i was very fortunate....instead of doing a vast array of her stuff, she did the mythology album....hope this helps....dwhitt
I've heard the Barber quartet a dozen times now, most recently last week at Yoshi's SF (she played their 9' Hamburg Steinway), and was once again struck by the consummate musicianship and friendly collaboration that is obvious as they play together. Audiophiles often dig Patricia because many of her recordings are sonically superb, but people, if you have a chance to hear her live, go for it. Her drummer and bass player (Michael Arnopol, who has played with her since the 1980's) are virtuosos on their instruments. I also highly recommend her most recent CD--a tribute to Cole Porter that is just a musical pleasure.
Just checked her web site. I'm going to schedule a trip to Chicago to check her out at the Green Mill where she plays frequently.
You are correct about her Cole Porter tribute. Just relaxed and emotionally involving. I saw her as well. Her drummer is good, her stand up bass Michael is unreal. Such and underrated group. When I hear the crap on the radio and the people with very little talent who are making lots of money it makes me crazy.

Thanks Dwitt for the report.

glad this is getting such a good response...i have been around musicians and music a long time,,,,seldom have i been so excited and truly entertained ...
Dwhitt..thanks..i will check out the site..i sure am sorry i missed her..
Guys thought I would through this in. In Colorado we have a wonderful female singer named Rene Marie. If you like Patty you probably will like her as well. Also well recorded for us, I hesitate to say it, audiophiles.

Here is her website and then below that is a down load of one of my favorite songs off her new album. A must listen.

just ordered the Cole Porter tribute by Patricia...looking forward to hearing this......heard nothing but great things about this recording.....