Pathos Twin Towers with B&W N805 Signatures

Has anyone had any experience of using the Pathos TT amp with B&w N805 Signatures - if so I would really appreciate your input. Did the TT have enough drive to get the best out of these speakers (say) in a medium sized room.Also did you experience any particular negatives.
The Pathos TT is a exellent amp in the right combination, which i am not sure the B&W are. I have heard some B&W speakers over the years but they never fared really well with tube amps. I'm not saying that it is impossible to obtain good results, but i believe they (B&W speakers) are mostly solid state "lovers". A major factor is your personal preference too, of course.
Just my five cents...
In my experience, B&W's generally like quite a bit of power. The S'phile review of N805's a few years ago tried both a Bryston 4B-ST, & a Mark Levinson amp with them--they really liked the Levinson. I'm not saying necessarily to go with a SS amp, but if you want tubes, I'm guessing something with more power would be better--ARC VT100 perhaps? Or CJ or VTL mono-blocs? Just my 2cents.
I currently drive signature 805s with audio research VS110 with excellent results. It better my classe CAP 151. The treble is more extended and also cleaner. The transients are more real and palpable. The low base gives slightly in solidity but has better texture and bounce.

IMHO, there is some truth in B&W liking powerful SS. However, there are many SS that sound tubey and tubes that sounds SS. (Classe & AR)

I have no first hand experience with the TTs. I think it should work well with a sound between Conrad Johnson type sound and Audio Research type of sound. To fine tune it, you can change the tubes.

Don't pass up a good deal. Good luck.