pathos twin towers integrated amp

Anybody have an opinion about this amp ?
Yes. I own it and absolutely love it. The sound is clear and detailed yet smooth, with terrific extension on both ends. It is beautifully made and is one of the most "musical" components I have ever heard. Reviewers have said it is not the last word in accuracy, and, if presssed, I would probably agree, but the errors it does make are of a very musical nature and never distracts from my enjoyment of the music. (Note, a couple of the reviewers who said that also bought the amp themselves.) I highly recommend it. Caveats: it does run very hot (Class A output) and weighs about 100lbs, so you need a stand/cabinet that provides VERY good ventilation and can handle that kind of concentrated weight.
In the right system/room this amp is magical. I do agree with the other post that it is not necessarily accurate, but it makes MUSIC. It was probably the best amp I ever owned but I had to sell it for financial reasons. I still miss it. :(
I own the twin towers as well as Lamm ML-1 mono's. They are both fantastic. Scott Franklin of Wavestream fame did a capacitor mod on the Pathos and it is very nearly the equal of the 4X $ Lamm's. I know of no amp in it's price range that compares.