Pathos TT RR Modification

Had malfunctioning digital volume control in my Pathos TT RR replaced with an NOS Alps "Black Beauty" volume pot connected with vintage Western Electric wire. I set out to have it repaired but the tech was unable to accomplish this even with factory consultation with what is a very complex and sensitive multiple chip board. As a result I lost the front panel decibel level readout and use of a remote. But it sounds better - so much better in fact that I would recommend this modification if you can live without a remote.

With this latest change my already outstanding modified (Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil coupling capacitors, Audionote resistors, etc.) Pathos TT RR has shed its last vestiges of "electronica". With amps at least I am off the merry-go-round.

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Great outcome! I recently took my preamp in for service and turned out to just be a dirty volume control. Upon opening the unit to clean it they were reminded when they built the preamp, Deja Vu Audio circa 2000, they intentionally used an Alps volume pot from 1977 because it sounded best.! So sometimes older is better and i bet that Western Electric wire sounds great!
What value are the Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil coupling capacitors? The original caps are rated at 1uf I believe.