Pathos MK11 no glow no sound

I have the Pathos Classic, just replaced tubes.Power light comes on but tubes do not 'Glow." Any thoughts. Have B&W 501's speakers and and run my Sonos thought the amp.
If the tubes are stone cold when unit is on for a while, then possibly they're bad or possibly you blew a fuse. If the tubes are warm but not glowing, check the input to make sure you have the right one selected.

If you put the old tubes back in and everything works, likely your new tubes are duds. Double check to make sure the new tubes are compatible with the unit. Close is not always good enough when it comes to tube types.

Test it out, and if there's still an issue, maybe try sending an email to Gianni B. at Pathos. He is the designer and literally knows them inside and out.
Thanks, I replaced the Svotek 6922 with Electro-Harmonix 6922EH. Also replaced all 5 fuses. Still stone cold. So I have shipped it off to UKD (in the UK) for repair. Again, thanks.
Don't pitch the 'old' fuses. They can be checked with a meter. It is a good/bad test so no doubt of condition.