Pathos Logos vs BAT 300X

I would like to upgrade my integrated Cary SLI-80 to one of these 2 integrateds. It is going to be tough for me to audition the BAT and almost impossible to audition the Logos. So, I would appreciate any thoughts from Agoners. I am looking for a little more speed and power for my system, but don't want to loose too much of the "tube" sound from the Cary. The rest of my system is Cary 306/200 cdp, Coincident SE III speakers, AZ ic,pc, Transparent Ultra xl spkr cable.
I can't comment on the Logos, but I have compared the Twin Towers to the BAT 300X. If the Logos has a family signiture in common with the Twin Towers then these comments may apply, otherwise, who knows...

If what you are looking for is an increase in pace over the Cary gear I'd suggest going for the BAT. The 300X in the SE configuration reminds me very much of my VK-30SE in that it offers the midrange warmth you expect from tubes, but a sound that is definately not laid back or hesitant. In addition, the solid state output section seems to really control the bass.

The Twin Towers was still incredible in my opinion, sounding a bit more euphoric than the BAT, but as a consequence a little more relaxed in regard to PRAT.

Both of these integrateds offer an incredibly detailed and large soundstage. It would be hard for me to pick a winner here.

As to styling (I'm an Industrial Designer), they are both georgous looking units, the BAT being a bit more modern looking. On looks alone though I think the Pathos gear is quite eye catching, among the best around.

Either unit would be a good addition, but if it's speed you're after, I'm thinking the BAT might be more to your liking.
I own the Pathos Logos and love it, but I don't think you could go wrong either way. BAT makes exceptional gear as well. Nice dilemma to have! I wouldn't classify the Pathos Logos sound as "tubey" but it is smooth. Very musical, fast, dynamic, etc. Zero listener fatigue.
I second Dma. I own the Pathos and also love it. It took a long time (2 mos.) for the unit to arrive. I guess there's a big demand for it. Musical, agile (stops and starts in a lightning quick manner), smooth, great PRAT, incredible depth, nice height, detailed (but not the kind that unnaturally brings background details to the front). Everything is in proportion. The only integrated in my system so far that brings the sound stage a foot or two to the front of the speakers' plane.
The best way to describe it is it brings the musical event into your listening room not the other way around. Add to this zero fatigue!
Haven't heard the BAT, but my dealer who carries both the BAT and Pathos said that the Logos beat out the V300x in an A/B comparison. He was using JM Lab speakers for the session.
Good luck.
I have not heard the Logos but I have owned a BAT 300x for 1 month and it is a keeper in my system. I was looking for a 1 box solution and the BAT is one of the best out there. The BAT replaced a ARC VT 100 mk2 & LS 25 and I have not been disappoined with my switch to BAT 1 box solution.
Do not know the BAT. As for the Logos, I did not like it. Compared to my former Plinius 8150, the overall sound is very dark and closed. Not in my list, that's for sure.
Have not heard the Bat 300x but have owned the pathos logos for about two months. I have previously owned a McCormack DNA .5 REV A /TLC combo and most recently a plinius 8200. The McCormack pre/power combo was detailed , smooth, and transparent, but ultimately lacked body. the plinius had great midrange/ bass/detail/power, and added a touch more fullness to instruments, but seemed less transparent than the McCormack combo.For me the pathos logos was the answer. It offers great detail transperency and soundstaging without listener fatigue. Smooth sounding yet quick and dynamic. Added more space around instruments and greater front to back soundstaging than either of the other amps. Excells with vocals and acoustic music rendeering a fuller presentation of instruments and making vocals more lifelike. my search has ended. If interesed in the pathos i would recommend contacting Audio Odyssey (audiogon dealer).Good luck i don't think you could gor wrong with either choice.