Pathos Logos Tube Rolling?

Hi all,

I just received the Pathos Logos from a fellow Agoner. I hooked the unit up and let it warm up for a half an hour and listened to the stock tubes (not bad but it was a bit bottom heavy). I have a pair of Valvo E88CC's that I tried to swap out to but after powering on the tubes don't appear to be receiving voltage.

Any idea if this tube type is a no no on this Amp? Do I need a 6922/6DJ8 replacement?

The E88CC is a European iteration of the 6922, and a direct replacement. Are the Valvo tubes known to be good? Have you replaced the stock tubes, to see if they will still power up? If not: Is there a separate fuse for the tube stage, that may have blown?
When you have sorted out the fuse,the best tubes I have found are the Russian Rocket type 6H23n's,although as with most things,these are system dependant.