Pathos logos or classic

hey all, I'm interested in the pathos amplifier models. any of you know the difference between logos and classic MK3 in terms of the sound? my speakers are JM lab focal micro utopia be with Linn Ikemi CD player. Jazz, rock, and R&B are what I listen the most.
I have looked at your system. I think, your speakers are simply not suit for the kind of music you like. Pathos wont help you, or even would make things even worse. I would go for a vintage JBL with 10 woofers. Like this:'s-Best-Ev
I posted a thread several days ago asking for comparisons of Unison Unico Secondo and Pathos Logos, and so far no one's weighed in on the Logos.

Why do you want to replace the VTL preamp and Plinius amp??
dizzyizzid....since you only have a system that is better than 90% of all high fi nut cases who are still running in circles, i would take a few days, and 'really' listen to your stereo...not in a critical way, but in a 'holy shit i've got a wonderful stereo' way. a pathos of any model, is not going to get you anywhere you're not, nice amp and speakers for sure.
thanks for the responses and good comment of my sytem. You are right that I'm looking to replace my VTL and Plinius amp. While this don't constitute as an upgrade in any way, I am looking to shift things around for the following reasons:
- I have a sub (ACI force XL) so probably don't need the brute power of a plinius
- I'm expecting significant travel due to work and wanted to decrease my moving loads
- I have heard good synergies between pathos and JM lab (not that there is anything wrong with my current setup)

besides the pathos, I'm interested in Ayre integrated as well. anyway, I'm open to other suggestions based on my condition. what do you guys think?