Pathos Integrateds

I'm considering going from solid state amp and preamp to a hybrid Integrated and have been looking at the Pathos amps. There's a $5k difference between the Logos and the Inpol 2 with the Logos having 110 watts compared to the Inpol's 45 Class A. Is the Inpol that much better? I'm using a pair of Von Schweikert VR4jr's.
I reivewed the Pathos Logos for Positive Feedback a while back, liked it but was not bolled over. If the VRs are in the least bit dry of too analitical the Pathos might be a nice mate...
I have compared the Logos to the Classic MKII. And while I liked the Logos very much, I preferred the Classic. Maybe you can try using a pair of Classics if you need the power. Have heard they are great paired up.
Thanks John,
Your review of the Logos was good reading. It seemed that you liked it. I'm still wondering if the Inpol is going to give me that much more for 2 times the price.
Hi Dave, I think that the Inpol may be closer in sound to the Twin Towers than to either the Classics or the Logos. If you have heard the Classics, then the Logos may be your ticket because of the increased power and bass control at higher listening levels. The Inpol appears to be a much refined Twin Towers with a little more power, to oversimplify.
I have owned the Twin Towers and the Logos and there is really no comparison except for a slight sonic trait. The TT wins hands down but at about 35WPC, it has limitations and requires reasonably sensitive speakers. Forget anything 4ohms with an unstable response curve?
I have paired the Logos / TT with Hales T-5's, Sonos Faber Grand Piano Home/ Piega P2 Ltd's.
The best matches were the Logos/ Hales and TT/Sonus.
If I had a chance to do it over again, I would keep the TT/Sonos combo. Alas, I no longer have any of the above except for the Piega's.
** I primarily listen at fairly low/almost background levels.** However, on rare occasions I turn the volume up a bit.
I hope this rambling helps a bit. Thanks, BJ.
the Classic is the bargain and the best all-over sound from Pathos...if you go higher you should go to TT. TT is the pinnacle of the Pathos sound(of course the Inpol2 is the latest,but $$)
Being a former owner of the Twin Towers Reference, I would strongly recommend the Inpol2 (supposed to be similar to a Twin Towers on steroids). I would still own the Twin Towers if I had not changed to innefficient speakers (Dynaudio 1.3SE's). I'd contact Von Schweikert to confirm your VR4jr's are efficient enough... I'm thinking they will be fine.