Pathos InPower Monoblocks

Helloooo!!!!!! Anybody out there who owns a pair of Pathos InPower monos? I have Meadowlark Nightingales (91db efficient). The Nightingales interface very well with tube amps and I was about to commit to ARC REF 300's when a competing dealer told me I owed it to myself (and I suppose to him as well)to audition the Pathos and... I would but... it would be an over-nighter for me to even drive out to see the Pathos. Is it worth the drive? J. Abrams
Never heard the monoblocks but the Twin Towers integrated was one of the finest amps I have ever heard .... better than Levinson 333's and the CJ Premier 12's on a pair of Vienna Mahlers. If it were me, I'd make the trip.
Buy Lamm, Buy Lamm, Buy Lamm. (ML1)
i think you will find it's worth the drive.