Pathos In Control Preamp - Any Experience?

Have an opportunity to pick up a used Pathos In Control preamp for a very good price but it is too far away to audition.  Wonder if anyone has any experience with this preamp?
Soundstage?  Tonal characteristics?  Comparison to other preamps.  Any information would be very helpful.
I've been using one for close to two years and am very happy with its performance.  It is very well built and easy to operate.  The only feature missing is a balance control.  It uses a pair of 12au7 which can be used to alter some tonal and presentation characteristics.  It replaced a McIntosh unit.
CORRECTION -- my InControl just started to develop a hum in one channel so I opened it up to change the tubes.  It's not a 12au7, but a 6h30 inside.