pathos endorphine??

hi id like to know the aprox price of this pathos cd player and if anyone has some experience with it??

seems to be a wonderfull piece but it is as good as it looks??

You`ll want to wait for the Mk3. It takes them a while to get it right.

In a word, yes, it is as good as it looks. Build quality, is as you allude to, superb. A bit larger in the flesh than you'd think looking at the pictures.

As to the sound, smooth and very very nice in the midrange. I have bridged Pathos Classic Ones [Mk3 - that's for you Porziob :) ], and the sonic tone is consistent. Here in Hong Kong the price is approximately USD 8K. Already writing my letter to Santa . . .

I have seen and heard it, funny I thought it was smaller than I expected. I don't have much experience with high end players, but I found it analogue like for all the right reasons, detailed, but smooth, wide deep soundstage, dynamic. As good as I have heard, but then, I have led a sheltered life. I have heard the Arc ref 7 recently, a bit less analogue like, more drive, different not better. My own current favourite is the Resolution Audio Opus 21, again more dynamic, more drive, but coarser, less neutral, not as good, but half the price.
Hope that helps.
David12 my findings are exactly like yours.I own the Opus though its very dynamic and detailed(compared with far more expensive players) sounds a little harsh and non-analogue in revealing systems.Andrea tsimpa to endorphin.....;)
Mixalis get an EmmLabs man!
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