Pathos Classic One with Sonus Faber Amator 2


Has anyone tried the new 70w Pathos Classic One with Sonus Faber Amator 2? I'm thinking of downsizing, specially for financial reasons. The Pathos would fit the bill just right.
At the moment I use Krell Kst-100 power and Electrocompaniet 4.6 preamp.
I like my sound now but I never really listen very loud (due to neighbours) so I don't think I need so much amp, also would like to try new equipment in a simpler setup.

Any thoughts on the Amator with the Pathos are welcome.

Well, I've listened to Amator & GUarneri driven by the Pathos old integrated, and by their monos ("in power"). Nice, "creamy" sound, very convincing/ satisfying musically.... This oesn't help much, I know -- but what are your sonic criteria / what kind of music do you listen to?

BTW, I used a volume pot ("passive" pre) with the monos without problems driving the Amator
Thanks for your reply.
I'm sure the "in power" monos can drive the Amator2 easily.
I heard the old classic one with the SF concerto home and found the sound a bit "boomy", loose.
But the new classic seems to be a very different amp.

As for music from Jazz(almost all kind) to some pop/rock.
The old Classic was a bit small in output for the SF load. You may want to consider an integrated ss (say, a used: YBA, symphonic line...). Very nice sound from these and many others too, surely. Also, probably less expensive than their medium-to-hi output tube counterparts.
I have tried a lot of integrateds for my EAII, here are the amps that I tried

CJ-CAV-50 - Nice and very lush sounding, but not enough power. I found myself listening at 4 to 5 o'clock all the time.

Jeff Rowland Concentra - Very nice but kind of polite for my taste, I wanted more snap to my music.

VTL-IT85 - now there is a little more dynamic to the music but then the soundstage is very narrow and I got bored with the sound right away.

Finally, the amp that I am using now is the Cary SLI-80. Now I can really hear what my EAII can do. Even my wife said that the music is more realistic and she can hear into the recording more and I agree. Hope that helps.