Pathos Classic One with Aerial 7's?

Any thoughts about this set up? (Aerials have 87db)
be careful on that. I found my 7's responded better to more power, and I think that 87db is a bit generous...
Wouldn't even try.

The 7s are great speakers, but you're gonna' need some serious, high-current grunt to get them going. I agree that the 87db rating is generous.

I'm thinking Classe 201, etc....
You'll simply waste'm.
I have 87db multi-driver floorstanders (Platinum Audio Quattros), and as nice as they seemed to sound with my tube amps, they never came close to the dynamics and "airyness" as when driven by 300WPC SS mono amps. By the way, I started with about 100wpc...not enough! Good luck!!
Only if the amp is a loaner, it would be a good learning exp. The 7's I had sounded best with 500 watts of tube power, they also sounded good with the Theta Citadel. They can't have to much power