Pathos Classic One MKiII vs. my separates

I have been thinking of downsizing my rig by going back to a hybrid integrated amplifier. I currently use a Jolida Fusion preamp with a BEL 1001 MK V amp to drive a pair of Esoteric MG 10 speakers (87dB sensitive, 6 ohms nominal dropping to 3.8 somewhere below 2000ohms).  I enjoy the Jolida/BEL combo, change is just for the downsize. I like the idea of tube pre/SS output of hybrid integrateds, having owned a Vincent in the past.  The Pathos is currently on offer here on AG. Asking for thoughts from members with knowledge of the Pathos. Thanks.
I had an all Pass Labs Aleph system for years. Due to a remodel, I had to downsize my system. I decided on a Pathos Classic One MKII and loved it. I had a chance to get a MKIII and did. The think the MKIII is marginally better than the MKII. The one that is on AudioGon now that includes an aftermarket power cord and shipping is an excellent deal. The speakers I use have similar specs. and I don't think you will have a problem driving them. Also, if you have any balanced sources, I recommend you use the one balanced input. You will not be disappointed with this amp, build quality is great, I have had no issues with either one and they can be converted to mono blocks with a flip of a switch, if you want to invest in two. The Pathos does benefit with an upgrade of better 6922 signal tubes too.
Thanks dill! Your input is truly appreciated. Based on online research conducted I thought this might be a good integrated as a replacement. 
Well, I just struck a deal with the seller of the Pathos. Looking forward to hearing it. Will post my thoughts. 
Great news, I think you are really going to like it and will be interested in your opinions after hearing it. Let it warm up for a half hour or so before listening.
I've had two pathi mono blocked for ten years and have been very happy with them.  In fact, I just received a new modded Marantz cd player from Dan Wright and have been listening all day to the player through the Pathi.  Great sound.  Good choice for you and happy listening.
Dill and rudge, thanks for the comments. I will get back to you regarding my thoughts once I have listened to this amp. 
The Pathos arrives safely and in great working order. I haven't yet listened to it enough to determine it's character referenced against my separates.  Will get back to all once I am more familiar. 

Any suggestions for tube rolling?
Yes, I recently acquired a matched pair of Matsushita-National 7DJ8 tubes (made in Japan) from a seller over at AudioMart. I only have a few hours on them, however they sound really good. The tubes they replaced are rare Valvo Cca’s, expensive and great sounding, but I am liking the 7DJ8’s!

Glad you got the Pathos ...

Just wanted to get back to say how much I enjoy the Pathos II. Very smooth sounding, solid bass, and great soundstage. May entertain the purchase of another to mono the pair. Not sure the need, since system is in a 12 x 15 x 8 foot room.  Near field listening.  

Mensch, I'm very happy to hear you like your Pathos.  I really enjoy them monblocked, but my room is much larger.  I do know that two of them gives you power to spare and an even fuller sound. It all depends on what you need.
Thanks rudge. I am not in any hurry to change anything in my system until I sell the separate pre and amp.