Pathos Classic One MKIII and Focal 807W Speakers

Would be the Pathos Classic One MKIII Hybrid Integrated Amp.
a good match for the Focal 807W Speakers.
It might be a good match.
I have that amp and like it very much, although it needs a relatively easy load to drive. I tried it on my hard to drive Sonus Faber Cremona's and it just could not drive them effectively. In your case, the Focal speakers seem like a relatively easy load. In addition, John Atkinson notes in his measurements

"The Focal Chorus 807V offers excellent measured performance, though its treble balance will require care in choosing source and amplification components if it is not to sound too revealing."

John Atkinson Measurements

From those perspectives, the match may be good. I have not heard the Pathos with any Focal speakers, so cannot comment on the sound quality. The Pathos is a nice mixture of tube and solid state with a refined, laid back quality. Fine for jazz, female vocal, and such but not suitable for hard rock, but you probably already know that.
The Atkinson link is to the 807V, not W. Sorry. From another source, the 807W Prestige looks like it has similar phase angle and impedance curves, so should behave similarly. Sorry for the confusion.

807W Prestige
Just a small point. I use the Pathi to drive Cremora M's. But I mono block them. Mono blocked they provide more than enough power to drive almost any speaker. I've had them now for several years and have said here repeatedly how much I like them.
Rudge - understood. I am talking about a non-bridged Classic One, which is what this user is probably considering. Also, the M is much easier to drive than the original Cremona.