Pathos Classic One MK.2

Hello, this is a new hobby for me and would appreciate your help/suggestions. What tube options are there for the Pathos Classic One Mk2 amp ? What operational characteristics and sound improvements/changes do the various tube types accomplish ? I use Totem Hawk speakers and MF XRayV3 CD player.

Not to sure which direction to take for wiring neither. Any recommendation in this area would also be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Try current production Electro Harmonix and EI (Electronska Industrija) tubes and some NOS tubes eg. Siemens,Amperex,Mullards etc Well worth the effort. I like the Ei 6DJ8 Elite goldpins in my Pathos Logos.

Speaker cable : Try Paul Speltz Anti Cable.I use this cable single wire between the Logos and the Merlin VSM-MM speakers.