Pathos Classic One Mark 4 coming out????

the supplier here says that Pathos is coming out with a Mark 4 in a couple of transformer that's suppose to make it sound astounding. Anyone else heard this?
I am checking with Gianni Borinato, the designer.
I have just checked with Pathos Acoustics directly in reference to the possible release of the new Classic One Mk IV integrated amplifier and they have no idea such a version was even available.

The current version is the Mk III unit, which is only three months old, since its initial introduction to replace the older Mk II unit.

I hope the above information is of assistance.
Your source is, shall we say, "Full of it." Gianni at Pathos says they are not working on a IV and there will likely not be one. My guess is the supplier has misinterpreted the transition from the Classic One MkII to the MkIII, in which, I believe, there is a transformer change.
thanks guys! ok no more waiting for me then, now i have to find a used mk 3. any one want to chime in about a lavardin comparison?