Pathos Classic One int.: So many for sale- Why ?

I am considering this integrated for purchase. At last count, there were 8 units for sale, BY FAR the greatest number of units of the same machine for sale on audiogon.

Is there something I should know about this machine ? Why so many for sale, including the apparently ''better'' MKII version? How is this affecting resale value? Why are these owners dumping them? Sure they must have sold many units of the Pathos, but they also sold probably 3 times as many Nait Nait 5's and Arcam A-85's, yet those machine remain relatively scarce on the used market. Comments anyone ?

I cannot get access to one for listening, as our local dealer dropped the line last year.
if you want one, buy it. Does it really matter why they are for sale?

Are you looking for an answer like, they suck, or they spontaneously combust?

I sold one about two years ago. When I bought mine (the MK II) I paid 1250 for it. It's not worth that in my opinion. I wouldn't buy one again unless they were available around the 700 dollar range.
Is that you, Mr. Richard Feder of Ft. Lee, New Jersey?
I think the answer may be that the new Mark III(3) is just coming out. I have just purchased a Classic One Mk III and it has a more extended top end and tigher mid and low bass than my previous Mk II version. Regardless of which version, I believe the Pathos Classic One is a fantastic integrated amp.
Since it's a fairly entry level item I suspect that many people buy one, love it, andn then feel the need to upgrade. Since it's probably sold in fairly large quantities there are relatively many for sale. Pretty simple, really.
one of the biggest hypes in audio. For 700$ is good.
Kops, would you please elaborate on your statement as I'm thinking of buying one.
For less money, this is a far better amplifier than the Pathos IMO, no matter what genre of music you prefer.
S7horton and Kops,
What tube hybrid integrateds did you do an A/B comparison in your system to the Classic One or MkII?
I've got one of the originals, was stationed in Germany at the time and visited Vicenza when the unit was being built. It's undeniably a sweet sounding amp. I pitted it against the Unison SR1, the Graaf Venticinque, and the Cary CAD 300SEI. I perferred the Pathos, but that's one guy's opinion the way ppl hear music is way too subjective to base a purchase on. Given all that I am considering going to the Electrocompaniet AW400s, because in the end the classic one is a finesse amp. It isn't really capable of giving you the juice.
Douglas, I compared it against the anthem INT 2 hybrid integrated. IMO, those two should be priced around the same.

Also, why must we have A/B'd them against another hybrid integrated? The Pathos should be compared against any other integrated in that price range, not specifically pointing out hybrids.
my point does not have anything to do with Pathos degradation, I like btw Logos and inpol2 , and for some weeks I had Incontrol preamp. Pathos classic one for 2500$ it;s a shame to buy it IMHO. You could also see in this price range Manley stingray, used Cary sli80, CAV (the european previous dk design model which is sold in europe around 1500$), Croft (hybrid integrated don't remember the model, many times better) and so on.......
but for 700$-850$ and very easy speakers classic one maybe good choice.IMHO.
I owned a Pathos Classic One MkII for 6 months ... stunning design esthetics, great build quality, and it performed flawlessly. Too, they aren't overly expensive, though the III may list for more. I was very pleased, but I only needed 3-6 watts for my speakers, so I switched to tubes to find what my speakers needed. Otherwise, I'd still have the Pathos. The fact that 8 Pathos amps might be for sale at a given moment doesn't necessarily "mean" that you should be concerned.
it's a sign though.
The reason might have to do with the Pathos only tends to work best with certain types of components. I bought my unit about 6 months ago and when I first hooked it up, I was like this is the worst unit I have heard. I promptly put it back on Audiogon. During that time, I got bored and for giggles, I actually had it hooked up to a Sony Portable CD player. I quickly took it off Audiogon when I found out what it is capable of doing. The thing sounded incredible and it was than I realized what all the fuss was about. The unit is among the best I have owned, which I have owned quite a number of components that were easily three times the cost. It is just a nice relaxing sound. I can tell when i like a component because my foot goes with the beat and I tend to listen to the whole song as opposed to just listening to 30 second samples. If you can get a Pathos Classic One II, I would get one because I think it's one of these products that the company didn't realize how good it was. Just be prepared that it might take some patience matching it up with the right equipment.
It's the tube. You need a better tube or they don't sound nearly as good.