Pathos Classic One

Have you heard it? What do you think? Is it compatible with 3.6 nominal impedance speakers that have an 88db efficiency?

Thank you for your input.

No dealers in my area.
I don't know if it helps but I use it to drive Sonus Faber Amator2. It's great. The only issue I can think is the size of the room and volume levels. For "concert" levels or to fill a big room you probably should go up to the Pathos Logos. Otherwise it's a great little amp.
I had the newer 70 wpc version and didn't like it at all. It's got really good looks, but that's about it. I was using it to drive a pair of Meadowlark Audio Swift speakers and didn't have any luck. It was tough to get any kind of volume at all. Dynamics just aren't there, and clarity wasn't all that great. The impedance and sensitivity rating you gave sounds like a maggie. If that is the case, I would opt for another amplifier.
How about for 98.5Db speakers?