Patents Filed for ‘High Definition Vinyl’ Technology

Imagine a vinyl record that has 30% more capacity, 30% greater volume, and double the audio fidelity of a typical LP sold today.

While this looks quite interesting, The phrase "Mechanically scratching audio grooves into a lacquer foil" is untrue and is part of marketing.

The way its done now, the groove is cut, not 'scratched' and its done with a heated stylus so its closer to what a heated knife does with butter.

Just sayin'.

But this does look interesting. Of course, cutting right to the stamper leaves you with the same problem of making duplicate stampers, so that's not likely how it will be done- instead the process has to go back a couple of steps to create a master that can be duplicated. That's going to involve plating and chemicals, despite the article's remonstrations. 
So if it is burned with a laser, does that mean it must have a DAC involved. I know a lot of vinyl today is done from files, but this method sounds like it will eliminate any possibility of a pure AAA recording chain. This may not be bad IF the increase in resolution is fully realized AND they are using high res files. Otherwise it won't help vinyl quality.
jb2455  "I would think new geometry would be in order if this is to come to be."

Why would the geometry change? Do you think records should be square???
Dear atmasphere:  """   3D-based topographical mappingcombined with laser inscription technology """

gainst the  today : """  the groove is cut, not 'scratched' and its done with a heated stylus.... """

For me ( ignorant audiophile. ) is as been scratched against lasser technology. No one knows for sure because is the first time that will be used.

From where should comes that """"  and double the audio fidelity of a typical LP sold today. """" they are arguing if from a better way to " cut ". Just saying.

A few months ago I posted in this and other forums that the very old technology used in the LP have to change to improve its quality performance and that no one was doing nothing on the subject.
Now that ( in theory ) is happening I really celebrated ( not only " interesting " like you said. ) with my biggest music lover and audiophile shouts: good !!!!!

I only wish that they take less than those 3 years sheduled to appears.

Regards and enjoy the music,