Pat Travers fans unite!!!

Own every album and cd, huge fan!
seen many live shows, always a good show, signs albums, cd books etc etc, he is accessible, which is great.

 A great musician!

  Signed dogs n guitars ep was a mild letdown, but entire catalogue is damn good!
I had one of his albums in college. One of several niche bands we enjoyed back in the 70's. For some reason I still have Prism and Starz but no PT.
I saw Pat Travers opening for Robin Trower at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY back in 1991. What a great show put on by two great guitar players! Both bands in top form! Smokin' guitars burning up the house! I now own several LPs by PT!
I have everything, (I think) that he has done on vinyl. One of my favorites in my teens. Haven’t listened to him lately. Will need to change that.

I also have everything by Starz, Prism, Trooper, Doucette, Henry Gross, China Crisis, Chilliwack, etc. Kinda my era/time for music.
I love Pat's cover of the Little Walter's "Boom Boom(out go the lights)
Good rockin!

Saw Pat when he was hot in the early 80's. Great live band.
I will dig out the live album, call a few friends over and get the bong out. 

80 excess! YES!! 
Travers and Trower have their own quite large section on my record shelving.

Roberjerman.... That sounds like it was a killer show!

Makin’ Magic is a stellar LP. Still gets a regular spinning after all these years.