Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night

Category: Music

This is on the Warner Brothers Label and is their number 48473-2 and produced by Pat Metheny.

This is a solo work from Pat Metheny on baritone guitar. This is a real treat to here Pat as a soloist sans the group. His artistry has never been better. From the opening track of "One Quiet Night" to one of his signature pieces "Last Train Home", Pat turns in stirring peformance after another.

You have just got to treat yourself to this fine CD. I just cannot find enough words to describe this work. One of his best efforts and is truly a grammy nomination is here. The sound of this Baritone guitar he had made is just amazing. Couple that instrument to Pats incredible gift is a listening expeirence you want soon forget.

There are 12 tracks on this CD and everyone of them is a joy to listen to time and time again. Seldom does an CD leave me wanting for words, but this one does. This is the first Metheny I have bought in sometime,although I have most all his early work on vinyl on the ECM Label. In many ways this reminds me of his early work on ECM.
Haven't heard this one yet, but you may want to listen to Rarum if you like his older ECM stuff.
I have the album released just before this one (on LP) Sassy Samba. From your description sounds like similar material.

Anyone know? I might search out "One Quiet Night".
it's great for a "quiet" session, if you are in the mood to chill, there are some amazing playing in this album, it just flows all the way through, it has the spontaneous sound that's really freeing.
I'm not really much of a Pat Metheny fan, but I love "One Quiet Night". The recording quality is outstanding as well.
I had the pleasure of being at a Pat Metheny solo concert when he was presenting "One Quiet night" - it was the opening piece. It was a great session, happily the CD and my Soundlab A1 PX help me to keep memory of it!