Pat Metheny Nonesuch Remasters

Has anyone done an A to B comparrison of the just released Nonesuch remasters-are they remastered?-to the original releases on Geffen.
Is it worth the purchase?
Hi Greh. Can you elaborate on this a bit more? I'm a pretty big Metheny fan (mostly his older stuff though) and always thought his recordings were mediocre at best. Are you saying that some of his albums have been remastered and released?
Hello Pawlowski6132,

Yes, the series started with Song X and upon a recent visit to Borders I also saw Letter From Home and Still Life newly repackaged-although there was no description on the cover to what exactly was done to the release.
I know Song X has additional tracks but Letter and Still have the same tracks.
Hmm. Nothing older though. I'd love to hear American Garage, the firs Pat Metheny Group and maybe Full Circle.
Nope, not Full Circle but First Circle. I'd like to get Off Ramp in a remastered version.
Duhhh. Of course. FIRST Circle. I totally forgot about Off Ramp. James is one of my favorite Metheny songs.
I bought most of the early stuff on limited edition gold ECMs from Japan. They sound very nice. Would also be interested in any sound quality improvement in the newer releases as well.
I'll bet those gold ECMs sound pretty good. Can I have them?
Yes, I believe all the ECMs were available in this series. BTW: For Metheny fans, may I direct you to a mini-review I wrote on 2/21? Jason Vieaux plays a CD of all Metheny tunes on classical guitar. Really quite superb.
Still waiting to hear whether there's an improvement with these Nonesuch remasters. Anyone know who did the remastering?
I meant can I have YOURS but, I was just kidding. Good info though, thanx.
If the Nonesuch remasters' sound quality is like his latest "The Way Up," on Nonesuch, I won't get real excited. The sound quality like all of the recent Nonesuch jazz recordings I've purchased is highly compressed.
Just bought the 2006 reissues of "Still Life Talking" and "Letter From Home" on Ebay new/sealed for $7.50 each. First, I'm not sure I understand how they can sell these at that price. Second, the original issues were mastered by Bob Ludwig who usually does an excellent job so I don't know why they were remastered but we shall see. I'll try to report back with a comparison between the originals and the reissues. Kana, I have not heard "The Way Up" so can't comment.

I'd be very interested in your comments.
Please let us know.