Pat Metheny Group Fans....Speaking of Now on DVD

I just received the new Pat Metheny Group DVD "Speaking of Now". The recording is great and in DTS. Great performance that shows the band in peak form during their recent concert tour. The performance was recorded in Tokyo.

I caught the show in Houston and it was great, just like this DVD.
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I love Pat Metheny in concert, bliss is a word that comes to mind describing my feelings, at the 3 times I have seen him and his stellar band.

I will check out the DVD for sure
I don't want DVD! I want to chatch the show...
Of the many times I have seen these folks play, I am reminded of a show in the mid-80's in Grand Rapids MI. The audience was quite subued, and then they played First Circle about half way into the show. The crowd was dead silent for a few moments at the end of the song, and then suddenly burst into an extended mid-show standing ovation.
Pat Metheny is a musician in it's truest sense. If you don't have any, which I doubt, you should check out some of his older cd's. I was introduced to Pat metheny by an older brother about 10 years ago and since then, it's become some of my favorite music. I'm hoping to catch a show before I can't anymore. I have the 'Speaking of Now' cd and it's great, I know. I'll agree with Marakanetz and say that I'd rather catch the show too! Thanks for the update.
I saw the show in Houston. Just thought that it was great being able to see it again on DVD and in DTS.
I've seen the Pat Metheny Group in concert twice. I'm a real fan. Has anyone checked out the Japanese 24K releases? All the ECMs were reissued. I bought 5 before they went OOP. Should have bought them all.
I haven't missed any of his concerts (when he has stopped in a Canadian city) other than the Secret Story concert (big mistake) since 1992. Good to know that the DVD of the "Speaking of Now" tour is out. Caught that concert in Vancouver and it was fantastic. Managed to speak to him at the end of the concert too. Can't wait for the next album.
Turbodieselvw: What did Pat have to say?
Didn't have much time to speak to him as there was quite a line-up. Apparently he comes back out after the concert is over to speak to his fans. He was very humble and soft spoken and was pleased that there were so many people who enjoyed his music. The crew were telling us that Pat was being held up backstage (it took quite some time for him to come back out) by Antonio Banderas, who is a big fan, and Melanie Griffith.
My brother has told me a couple of stories about Pat Metheny and how he is really down-to-earth, humble and genuinely appreciative of his fans (of which I am one). The latest story from my bro' is that he noticed Pat in the audience at a Keith Jarrett Trio concert last Fall at Carnegie Hall. During intermisson, Pat was in the foyer with the rest of the audience and people were stopping to express their admiration and Pat was just smiling and expressing his thanks and chatting briefly with those who were brave enough to speak to him. A real class act!