Past Wyred4Sound STI owners

Not a lot of recent reviews or comments about these integrated amps, curious who has owned and moved onward and why?
I've owned a W4S STI-500 for a bit more than two years, which I purchased to drive a pair of power hungry Totem Mani-2s. I've switched to driving them with tubes, currently Rogue M-180s. I decided for the while not to sell the W4S, but to use it as a backup should, or should I say when, the primary equipment needs to be sent off for servicing. I very much like the crystalline (detailed) highs the 500 lays out and also how well and defined it controls the bass. The positive ink it has garnered is, I think, well deserved. Although it lacks a phonostage, it's a very nice integrated which I can easily recommend. It doesn't have the sonic qualities of tubes which I prefer, but in its price range what does? So, while I may have moved on, it has stayed put.
I've owned the STI-500 for over 3 years and I can't think of any amp in its price range that I'd rather have in my system... even considering tube amps. It actually replaced a Cary Audio CAD 120S tube amp which was noisier, slower, and not as detailed or nearly as powerful. I sometimes use a tube line buffer with it, which gives it a slightly tubey flavor without losing all its other positive attributes. Highly recommended.

Wyred also has recently come out with some small but powerful mono blocks the mAMPs, that appear to hold high promise.
I upgraded mine to a BAT VK-52SE pre and hypex NC400 amps because i wanted multiple balanced outputs so I could run my headphone amp. I also wanted to see what all of the "hype" was about with the HYPEx (pun intended) and wanted to try my hand at DIY.

The hypex is indeed a phenomenal amp, but so is the STI series.

I kept the STI-500 and moved it into my bedroom to drive my old speakers. The BAT/ hypex is a bit better but it is definitely pretty far into the area of diminishing returns. I think dollar for dollar, the STI series is among the best bang for your buck in hifi, along with OPPO as a source.
I'm currently considering the STI-500 also. But, my research suggests W4S is in process of updating their earlier amps to use the latest ICE modules - the modules they use in their iMINT amp.

I would get the iMINT, except I want to drive some inefficient speakers, and I'm concerned the iMINT may not be able to do that well.

I would get the iPRE and 2 iAMPs, which would have sufficient power... but... would like to avoid that much of an investment (almost $3K).

I've also just discovered the Class D Audio amps, which also get superb reviews, which I guess also use the most recent ICE modules, as do the Peachtree amps.

While I'm still considering the STI-500, because of all its features and its universally superb reviews... I may just experiment with the Class D Audio amps. They're incredible bargains, and reportedly perform at the Pass Labs level.

So... we'll see...
I have a pair of the mamps. The first two off the production line. Could not be happier. Powerful, smooth and lots of instrument weight throught the frequency range. So much better that the first generation class D technology. So small its rediculous. Pretty much fits in my had with my fingers spread. I take a large golf glove if that helps.
It would be interesting if someone that has both the STI and Ncore products could do a comparison/review. I'd be happy to volunteer my mamps for this purpose.
Any signs of W4S looking at Ncore technology at all for any future products? Guido
I doubt that w4s will go down the Ncore path any time soon as the cost of the nc1200 would put the cost of the amps beyond the typical value prices that w4s tries to achieve. The new UCD modules have some of the ncore technology that has filtered down and would be a more likely path that W4S might take.