PassX1 with black power supply vs Chassis supply

Has anyone had the pleasure of A-Bing the X1 preamp power supply little black box verses full chassis power supply. I'm after any sonic improvemenmts and the cosmetic factor is not an issue. Are these two power supplies very different? Does the full size power supply sound better enough to upgrade to it? These are questions I find myself asking. Do I sap power supplies for sonic improvment or is the difference small enough not to do this. Pass said it sounds better and I trust the people at pass but I was wondering if anyone has compared the two power supplies and what are the sonic differences? Apparently most people who have done this have done it for the cosmetics. I suppose the mass of the chassis of the power supply alone would improve the sound. Any opinions would be appreciated.
I auditioned the X1 with an X250 at a dealer showroom. When I asked the dealer the very same question, I was told that the only differences were cosmetic.
Nuttella. I was told that too but there is supposed to be a subtle inprovenent. They have more space for the parts in the bigger supply and the weight of the chassis power supply would have a benefit to the sound as well.They would at Pass had the space to add parts or change parts as necessary I believe the biiger power supply probably sounds better but I' m trying to decide if it's a big enough improvement to spend the money for the upgrade. I don't have the option to hear them side by side but apparently a few people have done this upgrade but for the cosmetic benefit. I would be just as happy to upgradse the black supply with internal improvements and keep the small black power supply but I don't think it can be done. I will end up with the full chassis power supply at some point which would look good come to think of it.
Did you ask Peter at Pass to send you one so that you could hear it for yourslef and ask him if he'd take it on a trade in for some extra $$$ is you like it?

Try him.

Happy Listening.
Hi Bigkidz, I'll ask but I cannot see Pass sending an amp or preamp for trial accross Canadian customs.
Just passing on what the dealer told me.
I purchased the 'hybrid" X1 with the smaller ps box. I could hear no difference between the two designs when I auditioned. According to Pass the supply is the same internally and the difference is only cosmetic. I actually prefer the smaller box unit. It allows me greater flexibility in placement- well away from sensitive components. I may be wrong here but it seems that 15 years ago most separate power supplies were designed with long umbilicals to keep them ( and their magnetic field) away from the preamp circuits and other components. Now days itÂ’s in vogue is to show off the supply in it's expensive milled case. Perhaps power supplies and internal shielding have developed so this is not as important?