Passlabs X2.5 + X150 + SF Grand Piano Home?

Hi all,
Anyone heard the Passlabs X2.3 + X150 driving the Sonus Faber GP Home?

I was thinking a little more power in reserve wouldn't hurt the performance.

Are the above mentioned a good match?

Many Thanks!
My friend using Blue Circle Pre amp, X250 to drive his SF EA MK2.

Sound is good.

More power is ok. I find that it's better for the speaker.
Its only the RMS power that's we are looking into. Usually, speaker don't need much of this power to drive them.

I think the above match is o.k. But u might want to consider a pre tube amp to make the sound warmer. There is lot of good reviews on the X150. This amp is class A/AB.

Try to audit them first.
FWIW, about 2 years ago I was driving Quad 988 (86dB) with the Pass 2.5/150 (I assume you meant 2.5 not 2.3) combo and was quite pleased. The 988 impedance drops to 2 ohms around 10Khz if I'm not mistaken and the 150 didn't miss a beat. I believe your speakers are 90dB with a 6 ohm impedance. You should have plenty of power for your SFGP. Pass sounds more musical and engaging than Bryston, Krell, and Classe' IMO but to each his own.
Good luck.
thanks for all the replies.

I'm very sensitive to bright sound, will the combination give me bright sound?

unfortunately there is no way to pair them with the SF home before buying.

Many Thanks.
Why don't u go down to hi-end research to listen for yourself ?

I think its the best because everyone listened differently.
Bright to u might not be to him.

Infact, X150 is also in one of my buying list but I still stick to integrated. The reason is that there is not much wiring involved. U should be able to get one ( second hand at S$3500 ). By the way, Pass lab had introduced the new X150.5. U might also wanted to take a look.

Maybe, u can post this question to Nelson Pass ( the founder of Pass Lab ) at
He should be able to give u a very good answer.
Hi Jeremy,

Got your E530 yet? Envy you! Good deal for the E530...
will go down to HER later today.....

Will arrive this afternoon. Actually u can try to listen to
Pass Lab X150.

I ever thought of buying this power amp. I love the build & design. Its damn heavy.

If u have the budget, its better to go for the X250. Its much much better as compared to the X150.

A lot of people said the Pass Lab sound is warm like tube.
X250 should be more than sufficient to drive any speaker.
Of course, the X.5 series is the next level of the X series.

Who's know maybe I will used my E530 as a pre & buy the X250 for my power. But definitely not now.

I will be checking on power cable for the next few months.
Also note that the Hi-end show on Meridian Hotel this coming November. Don't know are u still in Singapore during that time ? Might be able to get some good offer during the show ?