Passive volume regulator suggestions

I have read about several options, Lightspeed, Axiom Audio Luminous.
Lightspeed has dual resistor divider approach, loading less source output. On the other hand it does not have XLR in/outs. That is the main limitation.
Axiom has XLRs but is a single shunt resistor divider based, introducing lower impedance to source or making less regulation range.

I would appreciate for your thoughts and recommendations.
Why is XLR important to you? You running long ICs?
If you absolutely need XLR consider the Warpspeed, that is what I use for XLR. it will be adequate for your needs but in comparison I do not think it is better than the Lightspeed. Another option would be to find one of the Reference Line passive preamps with the balanced inputs/outputs. Same with the Bent TAP. Although the Bent will run you significantly more to purchase.
Used bent probably at 2000 or do with xlr
You could also consider Goldpoint attenuators. They use high precision 50 ppm 0.1% resistors and have balanced as well as single ended products.

If you want a special curve or ladder network, contact Arn Rotecap (he's the owner) and he might build something to your specs.