Passive Suggestions

I have used EVS Ultimate Attenuators (RCA) to connect from my BOW Wizard directly to a Rowland Model 10 and have been extremely satisfied with the results. But recently I have considered going with balanced IC's and EVS no longer produces the balanced version of their Ultimate Attenuators. Suggestions on Brands/Models of balanced passive devices for my situation are much appreciated.

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I tried most of the currently available paasive preamps and they are not as good as the EVS attenuators. The reason that the balanced model was discontinued was it was to difficult to make fit. I got him to make me a balanced unit without the case and connectors. I wired it into my amp. You may not want to modify your equipment, but a hard wired stepped attenuator will perform better than a passive preamp.
well, theres a comparable if not better preamp that uses the same vishay's in a stepped attenuator configuration and its enitrely passive. the placette passive can be specially ordered in a balanced configuration for a slightly higher price. the upside is that the sound is equal or better, you don't have to reach behind to change the volume, and you are supplied with a remote to control the volume. the downside, cost is considerably more than evs, must also purchase cables to connect the pieces (as opposed to direct connection like evs). i made the change and i swear i think the placette is better. my system is in virtual systems under this moniker if you want to check it out.