Passive subs hook up question.

I have a pair of Nestorovic Type 8 passive subs.
I use a extra set of pre amp outs into a ss amp. Then from the amp to the subs. Subs have a passive cross over. Only 2ch listening.
My question is: Is it better to hook them up in a right and left set-up so the sub on the right side would get just the right output, just like speakers, or run them with a full right and left output to each sub? If so how would you hook it up? Much thanks for any and all help.
Assuming that the crossover frequency is low enough to avoid directional cues, I would use the first (stereo) setup only if the subs were directly under or right at each of the L/R main speakers, respectively. Otherwise, you are better off with a L+R to both. It will minimize phase/balance/placement problems.
With the passive crossover your subs are crossed over at aprox 200 hertz which definitely requires stereo mode. The subs' internal passive crossovers were designed to work with the Nestorovic satellites, how ever if you are not using the Nestorovic Satellites then I would suggest a good quality active crossover on the subs only and cross them lower, depending on the frequecy response of your satellites. The active will also give you better control for tighter more defined bass and will enable you to blend them better.