Passive Preamp Problem

I am looking to find a passive preamp to replace my nakamichi ca-7a. But I read somewhere that you need to match your components' correctly for a passive preamp to have good results. But I don't know how to do that. My DAC is a Cal Audio Sigma with 2vrms output with 2ohm output impedance. And my amp is an Aragon 8002 with 120mB for 1watt output input sensitivity and 22k ohms input impedance. I am not sure what all these figures mean. I hope someone here can help me figure it out whether a passive will sound good with my gear. I am contemplating on getting the Creek obh-12.
I've been using an OBH-12 for three years (maybe longer?) and have used it with the following amps - Mesa Baron, Cary 572s and 2Abs, Transcendent Sound OTL T8, and now have an Audio Electronics Supply Super Amp Sig., DJH edition. It's worked great with all amps. I've used it with a Micromega Stage 3, Sony ES777, and Marantz 4000SE w/ Perp. Tech. dac and digital engine, same good results. I think the vast majority of CD players have enough output for the Creek as does your amp. The only thing is, you don't get any editorializing, sweetening, etc. with this piece. Dynamics increase, solidity increases, and the sound becomes freer from the speakers. You will, however, hear exactly what your amp and Cd player sound like. Oh yeah, the remote volume control adjustments are not as precise as I'd like.
My DAC and the DACs ive used in the past have had 2vrms output and I run a passive pre without problems. I run a 16ft cable from a phono preamp to the passive as well a 4 meter run from the DAC to the passive. I did pick up a Timbre DAC recently which has a 1.5vrms direct output as well as a 7vrms buffered output and had to use the 7vrms buffered out (the less prefered way) as the direct 1.5vrms was not sufficent.

Bottom line, with 2vrms output of your DAC, you should be fine, as long as your interconnects do not have some real high cappacitence.

I use a Reference Line passive model as well as the Mod Squad Line Drive Delux, for the price of the Creek you may want to look for a Mod Squad as they sell here for around $250-$300. They do not have a remote, but have multi inputs and sound very good.
If you can solder a bit, you could learn roughly what a passive would be like by making a simple attenuation network with a signal resistor Rs and a resistor to ground Rg such that Rs + Rg = 10K ohms. I've used a 10K ohm passive with 8' interconnects with an Aragon 4004 II and a Pass Aleph 3, and both have input impedances around 23K ohms. Not ideal according to theory--50K ohms or 100K ohms would be--but it worked fine. I suggest 4K ohms for Rs and 6K ohms for Rg, then swap them if it's too loud. For details on the network get in touch: I'd also STRONGLY advise making your own passive, since it's so easy to make on that rivals or betters any commercial product. But it does take some DIY skills, mostly in the area of cabinet-making (the chassis).
The problem you have with a passive control is the cd player (Cal Audio Sigma). It has a very high output impedence of 2K (not 2) or 2000 ohms. Because it is a tubed unit, the output impedence is very high and presents a difficult load to the passive. You need to have at least a 10X difference between the two. So a cd player with output imp of 50ohms would match well with a passive showing a 500ohm input imp. I know from experience you will have restricted dynamics, harsh transients, and freq loss unless you change your source with any passive control. Your amp's input imp and sens. look good to go though. Good luck.
OK, i am staying FAR away from passive preamps, thanks Gordon!
I use a passive for the last 6 yrs. Its the "ProPassion" from Audio Synthesis - the finest I have come across.You can consider this, though a little pricey! But, sonics are a revelation. Look at