Passive Preamp Options

i currently use an AVC (autoformer volume control) made by Dave Slagle and am VERY happy with the sound. I have recently been reading great things about the Tortuga LDR3v2. Has anyone had a chance to compare the slagle autoformers (either DIY or the Emia box) with the Tortuga LDR3v2. Please be as detailed as possible in the differences between the two and why you prefer one over the other. thank you in advance for taking the time to answer this question.
I can’t give you any comparison details, but one of my Lightspeed Attenuator (quad matched ldr preamp) owners here, did some comparisons with the Townsend Passive Autotransformer (approx $3.5K). And there are a few others in this thread that did them with other TVC’s and passives.

Cheers George