Passive Preamp?

Would somebody please inform me about a passive preamp?
I wouldn't know where to begin with such a vague question. What is it you want to know?

There is a lot of discussion about these in the forums. After you search through them perhaps you can come back and ask something a bit more specific that pertains to your particular situation.
A search of the archives will yield all the info and opinions you need. Passives can be had cheap enough that an audition in your system will tell you more than any written words can convey. Many feel passives lack dynamics but again, the sonics are very system-dependent. Set up properly, they can offer great sound that may be incomparable to an active piece. As always, YMWV.
Do a search here and at AudioAsylum,all the info you will ever need on passive preamp is here and there
A passive preamp has no amplification stage. It is actually something of a misnomer. Typically they do not plug into an electrical source. I own two of them and they are both just switch boxes with a volume control. If you need more than this fundemental info, then you should follow Herman's advice above.
Check out the thread at:
It sounds better than most active units, it goes between your CD player or DAC and your amplifier.

It is mainly a volume control with no gain since the amplifier can handle the DAC perfectly well by itself without adding another gain stage and the problems that can come with it. A passsive volume control then will sound more will have to do some reading in order to insert one in your system because they are system dependent:

What is your system?
Dynaco ST-70
Dynaco FM-1 tuner
Teac 330 reel to reel
Hello Groundhog,
If using more than one source, like you with the CD, Tuner, and reel to reel, it is best to use an active preamp or you will need to really do a balancing act to have separate gain from each source and diferent impedance each also. I am sure your ST-70 has enough gain, but impedance matching all the sources is a problem.
Its not impossible, but complicated.

You can also get a good active preamp, vintage amps (I have several) like newer preamps IMHO.

If you decide to go with one source only, the passive will work just fine.

All the Best

PS: Placette Audio has a passive preamp designed for various sources, you can check them out.
Thanks jsadurni for your help,this gives me some ideas on wich way to turn.