Passive Pre question. Again? Gold Point SA-3

I have a Luminous Audio, Axiom Passive Pre made by Tim Stitson. I cannot describe the transparency offered by this pre without being emotive.

In a comparison with Don Morrison's ELAD, I found the AXIOM to be far more transparent with a more upfront soundstage. I also felt the ELAD has coloured sound with accentuated highs. (I may be wrong. I dont want to sound inflammatory as I am not an audiophile/authority and am just stating what my ears hear)

I would like to know how a Gold Point SA-3 is. I understand Luminous Audio no longer makes the AXIOM and was wondering how the Gold Point SA-3 would compare to it.
Thank You very much
any responses please?
Why don't you call Bob Bergner at RB Audio. Tell him that Tom Lyons told you to call and ask about what kind of effect the Goldpoint Attenuators will have on your system. He either manufactures them or distributes them, and has alot of experience with Goldpoint. Also, I know him personally and he is a great guy to deal with. His office number is 925-875-1055.