Passive pre-amp/Quicksilver Mini Monos

"If" you were going to match Quicksilver Mini Mom\nos with a passive pre-amp, what would you do?
I have Audio Physic Sitara speakers, Oppo 205, and a Denafrips Ares.

This is a bedroom system-lots of "soft stuff" in a 12' x 12' room.

Another way to approach this question-does a Passive pre-amp have enough gain to mate with the mini-monos?
Thanks in advance!
I have tried my DAC directly connected to my Mid Monos and did not care for it at all .    Put my preamp back in immediately......
Oddiofyl-what didn'y you like?
Passive pre-amp/Quicksilver Mini Monos
Sam Tellig, reviewer for Stereophile uses these Quicksilver amps with my passive, and says he will never go back to an active preamp, his piano teaching son also heard it and ordered a passive as well. The Mini Mono are a perfect match for a 10kohm passive.
Try the Schiit Sys for a cheap (not the best) $49 10kohm passive, that you can try then send back.

Cheers George
It just lacked dynamics and sounded anemic compared .. but ymmv....

If you can demo a really good passive without a restocking fee.  try it.
I have a NAD M51 which has an excellent digital volume but liked it much better connected as a source to my conrad johnson Classic 2SE.  A lot has to do with synergy and impedance matching in my opinion.  
IMO it is very hard to match any old passive preamp.  It takes some experimentation.  But give it a try.

A lot of useful advice and recommendations. All appreciated. I am not sure what I will do.

In an effort to consolidate the equipment I am looking at options. There have been a couple occasions when the heat generated by the Mini's are used to finish drying socks and the like.

In the meanwhile I will keep moving the sweaters and clothing that frequently end up folded and resting on my equipment :-) 
Half-Ass may be fine for most of the feeble-minded.
 Passive preamps will of course work with Quicksilver Mini Monos.
 You may even say "" my that sounds clear""  but later find you are settling for elevator music in the Dynamics department.
If you have a decent pair of speakers like a Vandersteen 1 Ci the latest matching Quicksilver 1 K preamp w 12AT7 will far better show that piece of music's shadings, subtleties, and proper step up with dynamic graduations that make music come alive.
 Best JohnnyR  
Since it appears you run only the digital source, consider a more upscale CD player with variable tube output. Think of that as a self-contained CD player and preamplifier.

I have a couple of these sort of CD players, and often go that way. You reduce components, clutter, connections, and cabling without having to worry over a potentially weak in the knees passive preamplifier
I'm currently using a Schiit SYS with mine, and the sound is clear and competent. Far from the last word in dynamics or tube "magic." 

My original plan was to use the preamp section of my Grommes PHI-26 to feed the minis, but it had way too much gain, so I picked up the SYS as a temp measure. 
I own a Luminous Audio Axiom, Walker Mod, 3 in, 2 out, single ended remote unit. Never heard as much subtle, but yet dramatic, pieces of musical and spatial information contained in my recordings, until this. Incredible. HNY. Enjoy ! MrD.